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Introducing Santa’s Jingle Jump - Get ready to help Santa grab those presents!

Santa’s Jingle Jump is very easy to play in fact you only need one hand and the power of your wrist as the game is played by using the device accelerometer. You start by controlling Santa and you can upgrade to other characters as well such as the Snowman.

The game has unlimited levels which makes it an endless joyride and a challenge for the mind because presents are scattered more on higher levels which requires some good skill and well executed timing to reach.

There are also collectable Fireworks in the game which drop randomly. When one is used Santa will blast’s off at high speed. This is useful when you need to skip a level or save yourself from losing the game.

Santa’s Jingle Jump is also connected to the Apple’s Game Center where different achievements are set together with a Leaderboard which makes it a fun to set challenges to your friends.


As Santa you must collect presents to reach higher where levels are more challenging. There are also rockets which can blast you off at high speeds plus support to Apple’s game center to raise the challenge with family and friends.

Pricing & Availability:
Santa’s Jingle Jump is purely Free with few interstitial ads to keep the game running. With that said with any In App Purchase the ads will also be removed.

app features
Santa Jingle Jump is a unique Christmas hit game and is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!
  • icon_01 Simple Navigation

    The game is controls are very easy to manage as you only require the power of your wrist to manuver the character using the iPhone's accelerometer

  • icon_02 Beautiful Graphics

    The game graphics are simply stunning. From falling snow to fireworks flares in a beautiful festive setting.

  • icon_03 Additional Playable Characters

    You can swap Santa with the Snowman when you feel like it with ease. More charahters will follow via updates soon.

  • icon_04 Unlimited Levels

    The game is endless with unlimited levels. The higher you go the harder it goes.

Screen Grabs
See it in action with these in game shots.

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Loading Screen

Device: iPhone 5

Main Scene

Device: iPhone 5

Santa Flying

Device: iPhone 5

Santa Using Rocket

Device: iPhone 5

Santa's Toy Store

Device: iPhone 5

Playing with the Snowman

Device: iPhone 5

Flying Snowman

Device: iPhone 5

Game Center Menu

Device: iPhone 5

Legacy Device Preview

Device: iPhone 4s

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app reviews

1 day ago

Pretty cool app. I love Christmas so I like the game. I also like that it plays a unique song :)

2 days ago

This app is really good for us Christmas lovers! I especially like how you can also choose the snowman...

1 day ago

Love this app! Simply adorable! Looks like cute little Christmas puppets!

4 days ago

I think this is a really good app to help you when you are bored during Christmas

1 day ago

This app is awesome!! I downloaded it for my niece who is 5 yrs old, and she is at the age now that she gets so excited about Christmas!! It allows the spirit and belief in Santa to live on!!

2 days ago

Amazing for kids and for adults.

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